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Energy 93
52 1/2" tall  x 35" wide 

All things are energy.

  "Nothing rests; everything moves; everything vibrates."-The Kybalion

Hand plasma cut and tig welded sheet steel

Coffee Table

24" wide x 60" long x 20" tall

Wall Sconce
Candle Holder

H 30" x  W  7" x  D 10"


H 20" x W 8" x  D 11"

Leather Backrest Pad
Hand tooled and laced.  As with all my works, this was
entirely built from scratch, from the steel backing plate to
 the foam underneath the 100% cowhide cover

H 13" x W7" x D 3"

Custom Made seat

Built entirely from scratch including a fiberglass pan
and hand carved foam.  100% cowhide cover made
from leather used on chaps

Full-size Bed Frame

Welded Steel Round Bar

Plant Hanger

Custom Riflestocks

Gas tank panel with map pouch for a Harley-Davidson motorcycle. 
Since it's august in Texas, indoor leather work is a little more
comfortable than standing in front of a 2000 degree furnace while
hammering red hot steel.